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Most fleet owners save $5K to $15K+ per month


Save labor time spent in trips to the gas stations every day.

Increase revenue

Vehicles available for an extra 30-40 mins every day.


REDUCE fraud

Onsite refuels eliminates fuel theft by employees.


Set and forget

Once you set the schedule, vehicles get refueled magically.


Rami Kichi - Amazon Delivery Partner

FuelPanda has become an indispensable service for our business. Not only FuelPanda saves us  $10K+ per month! but they also make our operations simpler.

Further, their service is extremely reliable and I get my phone call answered every time. Life saver for any business that has a fleet of vehicles.


Alex Lehr - Owner, Lehr Real Estate

"Efficiency is and always will be high on the priority list for any business. By the time you take the cost of labor, the cost of tracking receipts, risk exposure to accidents and lost productivity when filling gas, FuelPanda is a no-brainer!

ROI was so easy to understand and service easy to deploy. Signed up all my vehicles within a few minutes of the meeting and haven’t looked back!"