The low fuel light on the car dashboard always lights up when I am rushing to work in traffic. Thanks to FuelPanda I never see that light on my Dashboard again. See you never .. gas station.

Umang Jaipuria, Sr Product Manager, Twitter, San Francisco

I once arrived to work with an almost empty tank. Fuel Panda fueled up the car while I was working. I drove home with a full tank of gas. Whats not to like there?

Gnana Prakash, Senior DevOps Engineer, Samsung Electronics, Milpitas

For a busy mom of two kids, Fuel Panda has come as such a blessing. I understand that going to the gas station is not that big a deal, but as a mom I have come to realize that life becomes easier if we are able to save 10-15 minutes in small chores. So my husband signed me up for this, and it has been super easy ever since. The people are very accommodating in case I need to reschedule as well. I can go the whole week without worrying about the trip to the gas station. I definitely recommend it to everyone.

Shweta Bansal, Mom of two.

I am loving FuelPanda! Not having to go to a gas station has been such a time saver for me. Fuel Panda comes to my office and makes sure my car is full every week. To top it off, when my ever-changing schedule means I need to adjust the fuel delivery, FuelPanda is quick to accommodate my time needs. It's a no brainer! I would highly recommend their service – it also makes a unique and great client or friend gift idea.

Carolyn Botts, Senior Marketing Specialist at Alain Pinel Realtors


Pricing questions

Is there any delivery fee?

=> Your first trial refuel is absolutely FREE. You simply pay for gas at a promotional price of $1.99/gal!

After your first refuel, we charge a small monthly fee depending on your location and number of cars. Just setup an account and we will get in touch after your trial refuel.

Are your fuel prices at par with the Gas Stations?

=> YES. In fact, many times our prices are usually 5-10 cents lower than the gas stations. So your subscription fee pays for itself!

How can your prices be less or at par with Gas stations?

=> The short answer is we don't have large expenses like rent that Gas stations have to pay. Also, since we purchase in bulk we are working with gas distributors to reduce further the pricing and support our operations and pass savings to our users

How often do you set your gasoline prices?

=> We set our prices once a week each Sunday. Currently in gas stations, the prices fluctuate hugely depending on your location, time of day and other factors. We just like to keep it simple and set one flat price once a week. Be rest assured our prices remain cheaper than most of the locations.

Delivery questions

Do I need to be present for the refueling?

=> It's up to you. You can decide to leave the gas lid open or be there when the refueling happens. We can knock on your door, get the keys, refuel and return the keys back. Simply let us know your preference.

Do you bring fuel truck to our parking for refuel?

=> Yes. We have certified fuel trucks and pumps that we will use to refuel all the cars in the parking lot. If there is less available space, then we can get smaller caddy's and cans. We will make sure you car is full.

What time do you refuel my car?

=> You will be able to set preferences for your fuel delivery. Ex: 10 pm every Wed at my house OR 2 pm every Tuesday at my work parking.

What timings for deliveries can I select?

=> You can select a 3 hours window between 6am-Midnight. We have you covered.

What locations are you serving currently?

=> We are operational anywhere in Bay Area (including East Bay, Peninsula, San Francisco, South Bay)

Fuel questions

What type of fuel do you carry?

=> Regular and Premium.

What brands of fuel does your business carry?

=> We carry industry standard top-tier fuel from brands like Costco, Shell, Chevron etc.

Payment questions

Do I have to pay to sign-up?

=> No. You just require your payment info on file before we schedule your refuel. We will charge you only after your refuel.

How do I pay?

=> You can enter your credit card information on your profile, or we can charge in-person using Square card readers.


Can I change my subscription anytime?

=> Of-course. Most of our users just set their subscriptions and forget about it. But whenever you want to change, you can do so 12 hours before our visit.


=> Email info@fuelpanda.com and we usually reply back within 30 mins.