FuelPanda customers with a fleet of 100 vehicles are saving $28K+ per month.


Save labor time spent in trips to the gas stations every day.


REDUCE fraud

Onsite refuels eliminates fuel theft by employees.

Increase revenue

Vehicles available for an extra 30-40 mins every day.


Simplify operations

Your team can now focus on what's core to your business

Alex Lehr - Owner, Lehr Real Estate

Alex Lehr - Owner, Lehr Real Estate

"Efficiency is and always will be high on the priority list for any business. By the time you take the cost of labor, the cost of tracking receipts, risk exposure to accidents and lost productivity when filling gas, FuelPanda is a no-brainer!

Not only am I saving money on the labor hours, it has also simplified operations. Additionally, their service is extremely reliable and the communication is great!

Signed up all my vehicles within a few minutes of the meeting and haven’t looked back!"